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A Month with the Moon!

If you are curious and want to dip your toe into moon teachings, oracle cards and the power of vibration, A Month with the Moon is the perfect place to start. It’s my honor to guide, encourage and assist you toward drawing out your true essence in an exclusive online Facebook group. With my guidance, explore the mystery of the moon through a complete 28-day moon cycle. You will connect to your natural rhythm, release all the power that lurks underneath and gain a new appreciation for your body that you never realized possible. We begin on the New Moon each month, and you have a lot of access to me because I am right there with you. Join our beautiful space as you do inner work, find your voice, take what you need from me and the group, and grow within.

Look at what others have said!

“Woke up CRAVING my Month with the Moon connection. Amanda Perrone you never stop blowing me away with your insights and intuitiveness.” Oh Amanda… I had so many affirmations, messages and joy watching this… powerful. You…. you are amazing. Thank you!” “Although I have been with you for a few months now I feel like I was coming in for the first time and soaking up everything you were sharing and explaining and I learned so much. Thank you for being you – my Moon Girl”

What exactly do we do?

Every morning by 10 a.m. the group will have a video reading from me. We use the Medicine Song Oracle Cards, by Brenda MacIntryre, to provide us with a message for the day and a starting point for our discussions, actions, affirmations, and intentions. Each week, I speak to the phase of the moon we are in, offering you guidance and information on how to utilize it and provide personal experience and real life examples of that energy in action. I really want to see you inside our group where you will bloom.


Join now. It’s only $35 with no further obligation, what do you have to lose?

The next cycle begins January 15, 2017.

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Intuitive Energy Sessions

Some people describe my sessions as a soul journey, an awakening, or an initiation, and others say it brought them to a new level of understanding they never knew possible. No two experiences are the same.

Whatever has drawn you here to me – a craving to understand, or a desire to release, shift and grow – know that you are exactly where you need to be.

What you can expect during and after our time together:

  • An environment I intuitively crafted just for YOU where you can safely open up
  • A deeper understanding of energy, the law of vibration, and the power of release
  • To leave in a high vibration state, feeling light and optimistic
  • To gain new perspectives, opening your mind to all that is yours.

What does a session look like?

Though every session is different, based on the client in front of me, there are key elements woven into my work. You can expect:

  • An opening conversation and sharing of ourselves so that we may co-create your experience.
  • Hands on healing. If you have had Reiki, you will be familiar with this term. If not, you can expect anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour of energy release. I move through different energy centers in your body with my hands guided in order to help you make room for all that you desire.
  • Various other modalities such as drumming, oracle cards, crystals, elements from nature, spoken words, and sometimes even dance! All these are tools to aid you in your journey back to self.
Each 90-minute session is $125

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